SCQAA-SF Webinar Series – Thursday. February 25 2010 @ 6 PM (PST)

Webinar Summary:
Ryon Harms will be presenting on the business opportunities available to those professionals willing to harness the power of social media. His presentation offers professionals a deeper understanding of how blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn allow enterprising professionals to brand themselves, reinvent their careers and stand out among their peers. If you’ve been frustrated by social media in the past, or want to take what you’re doing now to the next level, this presentation is for you.

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About the speaker…Ryon Harms
Ryon Harms Ryon Harms created the The Social Executive ( career and networking blog with a singular mission: help executives better utilize technology and social media to grow their networks and create more meaningful professional relationships.
Ryon started TSE to give back to all the professionals that so openly provided him with the contacts, referrals and empathetic support that eventually lead to his current position as a marketing executive at EFI Sports Medicine.

Ryon also serves as a consultant for the McDermott & Bull Executive Network, where he is creating innovative ways to help senior executives help others and help themselves find their next career opportunity. He is a sought-after social media consultant for companies looking to build online communities for improved customer engagement, customer service and more cost-efficient marketing initiatives.