Stop Being Difficult! How to Handle Challenging Stakeholders

Tuesday Apr. 22, 2014 @ 6:00 PM

Do you ever find yourself in a meeting with challenging stakeholders? Ones that are indecisive, political, too quiet, use emotions to make decisions about project scope, or even ones that yell at you? Whether you are a Project Manager, Product Manager, or Business Analyst, anyone with the responsibility of facilitating communication across stakeholder groups must be well versed in managing the inevitable arduous stakeholder. Different aspects of the relationship need to be managed through the requirements, design, implementation, verification, and launch phases of a project. In rapid moving agile development environments, these skills can be even more critical.

By establishing a relationship between the features of a project and the core business objectives, you can use logic and reason to manage stakeholders more effectively. Combine that with practical soft-skills for dealing with stakeholders and you will master challenging conversations on any project.

This discussion will touch on principles of “Gaining Commitments” and Positions &Interests” in helping to understand the various perspectives of stakeholders. By being conscious of what matters to them, we can more effectively negotiate and identify decisions that are in the best interest of the project, and ultimately the organization.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will learn how to identify different types of difficult stakeholders.
  2. Participants will learn how to use business objectives and influential techniques to negotiate consensus with difficult stakeholders.
  3. Participants will learn specific recommendations on how to effectively manage different types of difficult stakeholders to limit their impact on the project.

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About the Speaker:

Betsy Stockdale is a Requirements Architect at Seilevel, a professional services company based in Austin, Texas. Seilevel’s approach to requirements drastically cut features from scope, enabling projects to be successful while still delivering the needed business value for Fortune 1000 companies. Betsy is responsible for leading projects to develop requirements following Seilevel’s Requirements Modeling Language (RML™).

Business Analysis Experience:

  • Developed requirements for a variety of systems such as: policy administration system, online reconstruction program, card on file for future purchases, payday loan origination system, online site search, online product support, web services, project management, tool integrations, and business process design.
  • Led requirements teams for more than 20 projects.
  • Provided training for numerous organizations, and presented at events such as IIBA and PMI chapter meetings and Product Camp Austin.
  • Led elicitation with end users, marketing, sales, and partners to define new product requirements. Worked with engineering to prioritize and implement requirements following both waterfall and agile processes.
  • Worked with clients such as Shell, Union Bank, Argo Group, Dell, Discovery Channel, Dollar Store, Blue Cross/Blue Shield NJ, ARM, Pervasive, TYSY, Citigroup, Wellpoint, Credit Suisse.

$15 for IIBA LA Chapter and SCQAA- San Fernando valley members
$20 for all other participants

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