Wednesday January 19, 2011 @ 6:00 PM

Developing your Testing and QA Career through Education Based Certifications

Testing software systems to verify they perform reliably and as expected is a very critical quality control activity. Unfortunately, this critical activity is being performed on almost every software project in a very ad hoc, informal manner by developers, testers, and users. Informal surveys conducted by the International Institute for Software Testing during its seminars indicate that less than 1% of test professionals attending these seminars have used formal test design techniques to design their tests. Formal academic programs seldom provide even rudimentary coverage of software testing, let alone teaching it as a discipline.

Testing activities in many software projects is rarely planned and test teams are unable to perform adequate testing. Software testers have been given very little training and guidance on how to perform effective testing.

In this presentation, Dr. Hanna will discuss the need for test professionals to plan and develop their career through education-based certifications. He will show how to evaluate a certification program and how to get the most out of certifications. The presentation will also discuss the requirements for six different education-based certifications offered by the International Institute for Software Testing. These certifications are:

Certified Software Test Professional – Associate Level (CSTP – A)
Certified Software Test Professional – Practitioner Level (CSTP – P)
Certified Software Test Professional – Master Level (CSTP – M)
Certified Test Manager (CTM)
Certified Software Test Automation Specialist (CSTAS)
Certified Software Quality Manger (CSQM)
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