Wednesday September 14, 2011 @ 6:00 PM

Build Cross Platform Mobile Apps Rapidly

After the dot com era if there is anything which grew as rapidly in a short span of time, it is the mobile app market. Recent report says that 1 billion people will own smartphones by 2013 and the mobile app market will grow to $30 billion by then.

One of the biggest challenges for developers and businesses has been to keep up and/or have presence on the various platforms available in the market. Unlike the web, in mobile apps you typically have a separate talent pool for each of the major mobile platform. The underlying technologies for these platforms are so different that it is very difficult to share resources across platforms. Typically individual developers end up targeting just one major platform and businesses pay almost thrice the cost to be on the top three platforms.

In this session we will discuss various strategies using which you can target all major platforms by minimizing the development cost and sharing resources & code base across platforms.

The session will mainly focus on the following three platforms: iPhone, Android & Windows Phone 7 and popular development tools to build on these platforms.

Food will be served. Seats are limited, please register here.

For SCQAA Members and BofA Employees: Free
For Non-members: $10.00