Requirement-Based Project and Test Management: The New Discipline for Project and Test Managers

Wednesday July 23, 2014 @ 6:00 PM

The success of any project depends on how requirements are being managed, and how changes are being controlled throughout the project. When things get hectic and the schedule slips, it becomes crucial to get back to the customer as soon as possible with some adjustments to functionality being delivered. In fact, it is even more crucial to avoid that schedule slippage in the first place. Most importantly, it is critical to any project manager or QA manager to provide accurate estimates for each feature to be delivered, with accurate time frame when it will be delivered. Agile coaches also must have better control over increments to make sure specific functionality is delivered at the right time. In this presentation, Dr. Magdy Hanna will share his new approach to Requirement-Based Project Management. RBPM provides a process that effectively manages projects through requirement management.

Dr. Magdy Hanna, CEO and Chief Architect of Rommana Software is the presenter for the evening. Please register here.

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Speakers Bio:

Dr. Hanna is the Chief Architect of Rommana ALM, a world class Application Lifecycle Management tool. He is a recognized educator, speaker and consultant in several areas of software engineering. His distinguished seminars on various topics have been highly rated by software professionals. His experience with software goes back to the mid 1970’s, when he worked as a developer at the NCR Center and the American University in Cairo , Egypt . Over the last thirty-five years, Dr. Hanna has worked in all aspects and capacities of software projects and processes. He has trained over 50,000 professionals around the world over the last 20 years.

Donation: $10.00 via online registration [Click here] . Otherwise $15.00 to be paid at the gate on the day of the meeting.

Food will be served